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Event: Fertility Awareness Workshop March 26th, 2014

“What your Mom and OB never told you about Birth Control”


Whether you are looking to welcome a child into your life, ‘waking up from the pill,” looking for a more natural form of birth control, or wanting to better understand your gynecological health.  This class includes a fun flash back to high school biology class and a conversation about an increasingly talked about (check out this documentary that’s in the works… Miscon(tra)ception) and very safe form of birth control that perhaps your Doctor or your Mother never told you about!


Fertility Awareness Workshop, 7-9:30pm, Wednesday, MARCH 26th
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn (we will send you the address once you buy your ticket)
7-7:30pm- Cocktails, Herbal Tea, Conversation and Shopping (great natural beauty products + wellness goodies with 10% off discount)
7:30-9:30pm- Lecture begins at 7:30pm; Q&A and discussion to follow

$35 per person BUY YOUR TICKET HERE
For questions or more information, contact: or call (646) 580-2851.

About Fertility Awareness Method:
Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a practice of empowering women to naturally (and effectively) achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy and better understand their bodies. This method teaches women how her body works and provides a system by which she can observe and chart her body’s signals in order to know when she is ovulating. Not to be mistaken with the ineffective rhythm method, FAM is based on science and a stronger understanding of one’s own body. This class will not teach the method itself, but will provide a thorough introduction to those both ready to begin integrating FAM into their lives, to those who wish to understand their bodies better AND to those that are simply curious! We will provide information and resources, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and discuss.  Check out this great article: Your Grandmother’s Birth Control Might Actually Work by Nona Willis Aronowitz. As well as this phone app which both educates as well as helps women to manage their charting efforts: Kindara.

About Blades Natural Beauty: Jessa Blades is a makeup artist, natural beauty expert and herbalist based in Brooklyn. Inspired by the idea of true healing and wellness, Jessa made the switch to natural products and founded her company Blades Natural Beauty, providing simple routines, pure products, and expert advice. Splitting her time as a makeup artist for celebrity and fashion clients, Jessa also consults about natural products and founded an online shop, selling her own line of skincare and hand blended herbal teas in addition to her favorite natural beauty and wellness products. Currently, she is working with Caron Callahan at Wythe Hotel, where she has curated a carefully researched and unique apothecary selection for men and women.

Katinka is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Bodyworker and Labor Doula. She founded Earth & Sky Healing Arts ten years ago with a vision to help people live to their fullest potential while staying rooted in the wisdom of the body. Inspired by her background in science, she has pursued numerous trainings in the healing arts. Her practice focuses on women’s health, pregnancy, and fertility, as well as integrative structural bodywork. She lives and works in Long Island City, Queens, and has really enjoyed becoming a part of the community.

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Welcome to the Earth + Sky Blog

_MG_6090Hello! And Welcome to the Earth + Sky Blog.

I’m Katinka Locascio, the founder of Earth + Sky Healing Arts.  Although I began my practice in 2001, I’m just now getting it all online.  To our long standing clients and supporter- thanks for your patience.  And to those of you just joining in, welcome to the Earth + Sky community.

I’ll be using this space to highlight our approach to health and wellness, explore current trends the healing arts, and share some of the teachers, businesses, and insights that inspire our work.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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