New Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – Feb. 8th at 6:30

January 15, 2016 Comments Off on New Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – Feb. 8th at 6:30

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Monday February 8th, 6:30-8:30 pm

$75 (partners welcome free of charge space permitting)

with Heather McFadden

Prenatal breastfeeding education is an important step in preparing for your new baby. Many moms have heard how difficult or painful breastfeeding can be. Learning proper latch techniques and basic management skills before baby arrives can help get breastfeeding off to a good start. Using educational materials and an interactive open question approach, the prenatal breastfeeding class covers a range of areas including:

Pregnant woman

  • Proper latch and positioning
  • Feeding frequency
  • Timing of feeds
  • How can I tell if baby is getting enough milk?
  • Milk supply
  • Two breasts or one?
  • Pumping
  • Milk storage guidelines
  • Diet and breastfeeding
  • Medications and breastfeeding
  • Bed sharing, is it safe?
  • Sleep training, does it work?
  • Swaddling
  • Introducing Solids
  • Weaning
  • Resources and support
Call 646-221-3147 or email for questions, to reserve a spot, or for more information.