Comprehensive Traditional Chinese medical evaluation including diagnosis based on your individual pattern of signs and symptoms, discussion of diet and lifestyle factors, and recommendations for treatment with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

    Acupuncture treatment involves the placement of thin, single-use sterile needles at vital energy points along specific energy lines of the body. This stimulates the proper flow of the the body’s own natural healing energy and can effectively address many health concerns. Some insurances accepted.


    Our signature massage! Integrative full body treatment that can include massage, deep tissue, cranial sacral therapy, aromatherapy and flower essences, depending on your individual needs.


    Basic-style Swedish massage focusing on circulation, overall wellness, and relaxation. May also include focused work for a specific area or complaint.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Specialized massage to address the multiple layers of muscle and fascia and release postural patterns and chronic tension. May include trigger point work, connective tissue therapy, and myofascial release.


    Full body massage specifically designed for pregnancy, with focus on the hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders. Deeply relaxing to help you cultivate a centered balanced state in preparation for labor.  Side lying and reclined positioning used.


    Full body massage that focuses on the areas that need it most during the postpartum period. Deeply restorative and relaxing. Recommended for all new moms! Option to bring your baby to the massage (best suited for infants under three months).

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

    Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle but deep acting therapy that works subtly to balance the nervous system and address structural tensions and blockages. It can provide relief from physical pain and discomfort, and is also effective for treating anxiety, depression, headaches, and trauma.


    Abdominal and lower back massage for increasing blood, lymph, and qi flow to the reproductive and digestive organs. Beneficial for reproductive ailments, fertility challenges, during pregnancy, and for chronic digestive complaints. Deeply centering and relaxing. For more information visit Initial visit required.

  • Prenatal / Postpartum Mayan Massage

    Specialized prenatal or postnatal massage that includes massage for the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus. Also includes instruction for self care techniques you can do at home. Useful for helping the baby assume a good position, or to realign the womb after birth.


    Massage for breast health includes work on the upper back, shoulders, and chest areas. Focus is on reliving muscle tension, improving lymphatic drainage and addressing scar tissue if needed. May include castor oil or heat packs as well as work on the breast tissue either directly or directly through the drape, depending on the client’s preference. Particularly good in cases of edema, post breast surgery, plugged ducts, back pain, and for symptoms of cyclic mastalgia, but can be beneficial for all.

  • Labor Prep Massage

    Specialized prenatal massage for women approaching their due date. Positioning, rebozo techniques, and pressure point massage will be used to help calm and center the mom and align the baby and gently soften the muscles of the lower body in preparation for labor.


    Pregnant women wishing to use acupuncture to prepare for their baby’s birth should come in for weekly treatment beginning at week 36 of pregnancy. Regular treatment at this time has been shown to reduce the need to induce labor and the occurrence of emergency cesarean sections. Some insurances accepted.


    For babies who are in breech position, the application of heat from the herb moxa to the correct point combined with acupuncture treatment is a time-honored means to promote baby to turn.


    For term or post-term babies, this 1 hour 15 minute long treatment will focus on opening the cervix, starting or increasing contractions, and encouraging descent of the baby. Electro-stim acupuncture will be used on front and back, and patient and partner will learn some useful acupressure points for natural labor pain relief. This service is not available for on-line booking. Please contact our office to schedule 917-725-0299 or


    Learn the basics of charting your cycle to determine days on which you are fertile. Can be used to aid conception or as birth control. Three sessions are recommended.


    Acupuncture and herbal medicine are known to work to promote fertility by correcting hormone imbalances, increasing blood flow to the ovaries to enhance egg quality, and in some cases by removing stagnant blood and moving energy along the channels. Conducive for those trying to conceive naturally as well as those employing assistive reproductive technologies. Three months of treatment is recommended. Some insurances accepted.


    Meet with Anna to discuss how Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs could be helpful to you and establish a plan for your sessions.

  • Pediatric Cranial Sacral Therapy

    Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle approach to help balance and align the nervous system and structure for newborns, infants and children. It can be helpful for conditions such as torticollis, latch problems, after a long labor or Cesarean delivery, W-sitting, toe walking, or for general support and balance as little ones grow. Please allow 60min for the initial visit.

  • V-Steam Treatment

    V-steams are a gentle warming treatment for the pelvis, aimed at increasing circulation to the pelvic floor and womb. A custom blend of herbs is used to tailor the steam to your needs. Steams can be helpful to reduce period cramps, support fertility, improve lubrication, and aid recovery after childbirth. We like to think of this as a spa day for your womb!