Shop Local: Five Gift Ideas for the Holidays

November 25, 2015 Comments Off on Shop Local: Five Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Need some refreshing gift ideas? E+S new gift items arrived just in time for the Holidays! To help keep your holiday shopping simple, here are five gift ideas that will inspire peace and relaxation in those around you. And even better, they are all hand crafted and support small local businesses!

_MG_59561. Gift Certificates  What says “love” better than the gift of healing and relaxation at the hands of our skilled therapists? All you have to do is visit our website and click the ‘gift certificate’ tab- 5 minutes later you will have a present that will keep your loved ones smiling for so much longer! Use the code MERRY and get 15% off holiday gift certificates through Dec 31st 2015. With so much goodness, why not get one for yourself too?!



2. Rose Milk Baths ($5) Warm baths, cold weather – those two just go together! Make your experience extra luxurious (and wholesome) by adding these locally made bath salts to your tub.  A simple joy that’s deeply relaxing!


3. Soapwalla Travel Pouch ($68) For the jet-setters in your midst, we love this travel pouch from Soapwalla. The adorably designed pouch fits everything even the most pampered person may need while traveling: deodorant, body oil, body wash, face serum, toning mist and even body polish – all of which are in FDA approved travel sizes. (Psst… Their deodorant is super-effective and the face serum is simply addictive!)


Bitters4. Urban Moonshine Digestive bitters ($14)  More food and less movement during the holidays may put extra pressure on your system. Help your body out by giving it something that promotes activity and movement… from within. Urban Moonshine Bitters are organic and come in several enticing flavors. Try our favorites: Maple and Chamomile



candle5. Meditation Candles by Little Lights ($16 ) What’s better than the gift of inner peace?! These locally handmade soy meditation candle look and smell divine – the same way you will feel once you get a chance to escape the holiday bustle to contemplate the unchangeable.


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