Sharing what’s Unique about Earth + Sky

September 5, 2017 Comments Off on Sharing what’s Unique about Earth + Sky

We were recently featured in an article, Earth + Sky Healing Arts Offers Unique Holistic Wellness Treatments. If you’re interested in Long Island Real Estate, check out what they have to offer for Hempstead, NY Real Estate.

Earth + Sky Healing Arts of Long Island City has been providing a variety of head-to-toe holistic treatments since 2001. Although the practice specializes in services for female clientele, Earth + Sky offers everything from cranial sacral therapy for infants to deep tissue massage for athletes. When owner Katinka Locascio opened the business, she wanted it to be a place where everyone could benefit from holistic healing.

Services include several forms of massage including Swedish and prenatal massage, acupuncture, and v-steaming, a unique treatment which uses steam and herbs to increase circulation in the pelvic area. Many of the treatments are specifically for expectant and new moms; there’s prenatal and postpartum massage, and acupuncture specific for labor preparation. To make things easier, new moms are welcome to bring their newborns with them to the massage during the first three months.

Earth + Sky is also one of the few holistic spas in the Long Island area to offer breast massage, which is ideal for those that have had breast surgery or suffer from edema or back pain. This massage focuses on the back, shoulders, and chest areas, and may include massage of the breasts themselves depending upon the client’s preferences (and may be done through a drape.) Another unique service is Mayan abdominal massage which increases the blood and energy flow to the digestive system and reproductive organs.

General traditional acupuncture is available for everybody, and uses the insertion of hair-thin, sterile needles just into the skin’s surface to unblock energy in the body and encourage healing. The ancient Chinese medicine has been used to treat everything from acne to insomnia as well as aches and pains in the body.

Locascio herself is a licensed massage therapist and also certified as a labor doula. Her other practitioners hail from all over the country with backgrounds in massage, childbirth, and Chinese medicine. All believe in the human body’s capacity to heal itself, particularly with a helping hand from a professional. Earth + Sky serves as a reprise from a hectic daily cycle, and a relaxing place to melt away stress, as many of its clientele can attest to.

“Many of our clients have shared they they sleep better, have less pain, recover more quickly from stressful periods, and are more free in their movement when they add in massage and acupuncture to their wellness regimen,” Locascio said. “Relaxation is a learned skill, the more time we spend practicing it, the better at it we become.”